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Besides house painting, the Wacky Workshop offers a wide variety of services.

If you need a house painted, need a hand with your remodeling project or have a rental unit in need of repair, please send a detailed description and the dates you will be needing help.

 We will see what we can do!  

Click here for a list of Projects and Services and for sample pics of previous projects.


Many of the products the Wacky Workshop offers are custom made to order.

"Address Books/Photo Albums" "Trouser Totes" "Window Treatments" 

Please email for additional information.  


 Our Japanese paper products often have chili peppers crushed into the pulp. 

Others have dried Lavender or Marigold blossoms added to help spice up your home's decor. 


"Wacky Workshop Trouser Totes and Boxer Beachbags" is a collection of

one-of-a-kind originals and more will be posted as they are made. 


Again, welcome to the Wacky Workshop. 


                 Have a Super-Ultra-Fan-Taz-a-ma-Graphical Day! :)

"Free-Standing" Photo Albums:

The fronts of these albums are covered with hand made paper or funky fabrics.  The backs and spines were covered with Burlap Coffee Bag material donated to the Workshop from:
A.J. roasts the best Harrar from Ethiopia!
Spice up your life!
This mini notepad features paper made with ground coffee, cayenne pepper and just a pinch of marigold blossoms.
Free-Standing Address Books!


 "Wacky Workshop Trouser Totes and Boxer Beachbags":