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This "floating" wood floor and new tile were just installed in a Venice Beach rental unit. 

The images below are the before and after images of the project.

    Before and after:..          
                                Before and after:..          

                                Before and after:..           

                                Before and after:..          

The two images below are of a work in progress - more photos coming soon! 


Sexy wood flooring is just a truckload away!
Begin with a truckload of reclaimed wooden planks. 
Remove the nails, spend many hard hours sanding the wood, prep your
existing floor by removing the old carpeting and you are
ready to start placing your new floor... 

 We still need to add the matching baseboards to these rooms, but look at the transformation - WOW!


                                   Before and after:..    
                                   Before and after:..    


If you like the natural look of wood, you may like the MANY products I have created using images of bamboo flooring and
wooden shims.  By playing with the color and making patterns with the images, I have come up with some very fun designs. 
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