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   Before and after:  
   Before and after:   
   Before and after:   
Yonni's Wacky Workshop uses our very own special process (patent pending) to "re-grout" and restore
your existing tile back to beautiful.  This process is NOT quick - the average tub and shower will take
a minimum of a day and a half.  However, it is MUCH faster than a new tile job and is not quite as expensive!
The pictures below are from a 1.35 million dollar home located at the oceanfront near the Los Angeles Airport.
To see more of this home's beautiful views, please visit our Million Dollar Make-Over page:
   Before and after:   
   Before and after:   
   Before and after:   



Yonni's Wacky Workshop can help make your place beautiful.
For an estimate on your project, please contact:
Tilework involves patterns and geometric designs. 
One of our favorite patterns is plaid and many of our design awards are for plaid KEDS
Please click through the flash panel below to see some of my award-winning plaids or
go directly to our Basic Design store by clicking:
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