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 Ralph Lauren "Suede" Painting for your home!
Our "secret" to better painting

This four-step process yields excellent results that give any room a warm and cozy feeling.

We use a secret primer to begin the transformation of your room -
It is just regular primer that is tinted before application. 
If your room looks like the one to the left, just one coat of tinted primer will transform it
 to this: 








Once the whole room has been tinted,

the creative stuff can begin and your room is transformed . . .



Materials Needed / Project Totals:

1 gallon primer
2 gallons Ralph Lauren Suede
plaster patch
5 days labor
        day 1:  the three p's - patch, prep and prime
        day 2:  roll first coat of Suede as a base
        day 3:  apply second coat* by hand
        day 4:  apply third coat*
        day 5:  apply fourth coat* and clean-up :) 
*To get the proper finish (see detail to the left), these steps must be done by hand as you can not get the same effect with rollers.
For standard painting photos, please click:  Standard Painting


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