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This poor garage had been taken over by a wild ivy. 
The main stalk was almost three inches across!
Yonni's Wacky Workshop was there to ensure that the
invasive vine did not do additional damage to the garage.


During the removal of this wild vine, a balancing act was preformed on a cinder block wall that was just inches away from the
garage wall.  The pictures below are the during and after shots of this garage roof rescue.

Besides pruning and removal of overgrown plants, Yonni's Wacky Workshop can also help you with
the layout of level brick walkways, plant re-potting and division and even water feature repair.

Please note that during the removal of the overgrown ivy some of the leaves were saved.
Images of those leaves have been used to design hundreds of products that you can customize or purchase as is.
Please click through the flash panel below to see the current selection of Ivy Products available through our Zazzle store.
Double-click on any product for additional information or to make a purchase.
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Do you have a favorite flower image or family photo that you would like made into greeting cards,
coffee or travel mugs, t-shirts or other great gift items?  Yonni's Wacky Workshop can design many
great gift items for you or promotional products for your company.  Simply send me the image and let me know on which products you would like to see your image!  Below is one of the many greeting cards that I designed for a florist in Wisconsin - click the image to go directly to the greeting card or click*

to see the current selection of promotional products.