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Outdoor Projects:


Venice Beach has some beautiful weather, but the direct sun and salty air can wreck havoc on your house's exterior.  

The images below show the four-day process of bringing a Venice Beach apartment balcony back to life.

First, the peeling paint and dead wood had to be removed.  Then the whole balcony was patched, sanded smooth and prepared for priming. 

After a couple thick coats of exterior paint, the cap was coated with a durable epoxy floor paint.

This balcony should now be able to hold up to the elements for a long time.  We also painted the door trim and handrails all

around the building to match the new Dove Gray balcony.


       Day 1                                                                                                     Day 3



 Day 4

Direct sunlight is a terror on all outdoor wooden surfaces. 

A nice coating of oil is a great alternative to paint as shown in the image below.


Patio Furniture

This picture shows the before, during and after all in one shot! 
This project required the rental of a power washer, but the
end result was worth it.
Materials: Teak Oil

Patio Pergala Project

The original pergala at this location was rotting away.  After it's removal, we created a duplicate of the original - the only addition to the new pergala were the two cast iron corner pieces. 
Each of the ends on the finished upper beams were hand hewn by
Yonni's Wacky Workshop to match the originals.

Beautiful Topanga Canyon pool deck before and after...
 Longbeach home addition before and after...
Venice Beach Triplex Sidewalk before and after...
Outdoors or indoors, Yonni's Wacky Workshop can help you with just about any project. 
To see some of our indoor tile and grout work projects:
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