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This is just a fraction of the panoramic view from in front of the home we just made ready for sale.

Listing for only 1.35 million, this home is sure to be a quick sale with such a wonderful view.


 Needing a quick interior facelift before going to market, we whipped this bad boy together in only four days! 

There were two types of wallpaper that needed removal, light fixtures to be replaced and a master bath

that needed some serious regrouting.  Fortunately, our crew is able to jump right in and bust a move! 

If you would like more information on this listing, please email and I will forward your questions to the realtor.  



 Here is the out-dated bathroom before . . .                                                         during . . .



and AFTER!


 Here is the upstairs front room before and after.

Check out the fabulous ocean view from the front room windows!




                         The front living area Before . . .                                                  and After . . .



The master bath had a thick vinyl wallpaper that wanted to stay on the walls - after being removed, the walls were replastered, the old shower doors removed and the tub surround was regrouted.  Luckily, we were able to find one piece of the original tile in the garage and used it

to fill in a nasty gap left by removing the shower doors.  


   Before . . .                                                                      and After . . .



Below are just a couple of random shots of the beautiful views from inside the house. 

For close-up views of the tile regrouting in the shower and tub areas, please visit

our "Tile and Grout" page. 




As often as possible, photos are snapped of the flora and fauna surrounding the various beautiful

homes where we are working.  Using those photos, products are created that you can customize

or purchase as is.  Please click through the flash panel below to see our most

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